Today I fully intended to finish my Christmas purchases and then wrap everything. I was in the car with my shopping list in hand when I had to stop for a passing train (I was so intent upon finishing my Santa shopping that I took the short cut to the mall. Well, it’s a short cut if there is no train). It was a long train, and after a minute or two I noticed there were a number of cool-looking graffiti pieces on the passing rail cars.

One recommendation I make to my photography students is to always have your camera with you. Luckily, today I happened to take my own advice and so was able to reach into the back seat and grab my camera. One of the first pieces I shot said Create, which was soon followed by a piece entitled Eager. I took those two art pieces to be a seasonal omen. I realized I was not all that “eager” to do any shopping … in particular, on the last weekend before Christmas. So I pulled over into an empty lot near the train tracks and spent some time “creating” photos of the graffiti on three different freight trains that passed through this industrial section of Baltimore. It was a great way to spend Saturday morning.

Lest you think I am some kind of Scrooge, I want you to know I did not pull into the gas station across the street and buy such Christmas gifts as a car freshener or a bag of beef jerky (they were out of air fresheners and the beef jerky was the spicy hot variety).Let’s hope my online shopping options provide next day delivery.

Merry Christmas to one and all!