David Muse is a freelance photographer, teacher, and writer. His photo assignments and travels have taken him throughout the Baltimore/Washington DC metropolitan area, the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland’s mountains, the Mid-Atlantic Region, the American Southwest, the Pacific Northwest, and Western Europe.


Each year David conducts a popular variety of photography classes and workshops as well as photo tours in and around Baltimore and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. He shows people where to find great images and how to capture them. His students say he is an informed and patient instructor whose enthusiasm for photography is contagious.


In addition to the training he provides through his company Baltimore Photo Safari, David is an instructor for Washington Photo Safari, the DC area’s leading provider of hands-on photography training field trips.


He is an avid writer whose byline has appeared on a number of print and online articles. Copies of his books Photographing Baltimore, Annapolis, and Maryland’s Eastern Shore (Countryman Press, ISBN 978-0-88150-986-1) and Washington DC Memories (Countryman Press, ISBN 978-0-88150-960-1) are available in a variety of local and online bookstores. You can also order an autographed copy via his website.


David and his wife live near Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. From their rooftop they enjoy a wonderful view of Baltimore’s iconic Domino Sugar sign. Catsby, their cat, graciously allows them to live with her. When he is not photographing, David enjoys reading, walking, hiking, seeking out new restaurants, and spending time with his granddaughter and grandson.