Early Christmas presents

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A few days ago a large box arrived from our friends in Germany stuffed with delicious gingerbread cookies, chocolate, marzipan, stollen, and gummi bears. We have exchanged gifts for the past 30 years, and my family and I look forward with mouthwatering anticipation to this annual holiday tradition. With equal excitement I await the arrival of my new Nikon D810. In my letter to Santa I told him my D300 had served as my workhorse camera for the past six or seven years. I explained that I needed to put Old Faithful out to pasture...


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Before my mind-wandering gets up a head of steam and goes all stream of consciousness, let’s concentrate on today’s topic; spotlight the core; get to the nub; converge on the nucleus … Uh oh, I am slipping into the stream. Scotty, I need those engines now!


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Recently, Adobe announced the public availability of the Beta version of Photoshop CS6. Take a look here (http://timgrey.com/blog/2012/top-ten-new-features-in-photoshop-cs6-beta/) at Tim Grey’s blog and free online training piece about the top ten CS6 features that excite him the most. I personally am looking forward to the new content-aware move tool. This will allow one to easily apply a non-destructive adjustment to say a bird flight image so it appears the bird has sufficient space to fly into the image versus too close to an edge. Gone may be the days when one had to take time...