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A few colleagues and clients know that a combination of personal health issues and serious family matters have conspired over the past two+ years to draw me away from nature photography. Traveling back and forth multiple times across the country to support family members with life-threatening health conditions, move elderly parents into an assisted living facility, and visit grandchildren as often as possible on the other side of the country leaves little time for adventure in the great outdoors. However, I am able to make time to shoot in my own backyard, that is, I...


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While all the wintry weather this year may have you warming to the idea of becoming a Florida snow bird, it does give us photographers a chance to capture unique images close to home. I encourage you to dress in several layers, stuff chemical hand warmers in your coat pockets, place an extra camera battery in your pants pocket, and venture out in search of the extraordinary. Oh, and remember to pull a traction device on to your boots to prevent slipping and falling on the ice. Thanks to the bitter cold temperatures here in...


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Today I fully intended to finish my Christmas purchases and then wrap everything. I was in the car with my shopping list in hand when I had to stop for a passing train (I was so intent upon finishing my Santa shopping that I took the short cut to the mall. Well, it’s a short cut if there is no train). It was a long train, and after a minute or two I noticed there were a number of cool-looking graffiti pieces on the passing rail cars.


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On a recent Saturday I took part in a snake survey. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources uses survey information about reptile populations and distributions (as well as data about other fauna) to plan future programs and services. Survey participants took the opportunity to photograph the snakes we encountered … whatever species we discovered and wherever we found them.

Local Gems

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Spring is in the air, and folks are busy flipping through photography and travel magazines, looking at images from lots of intriguing destinations, and planning their photo trips for the year. Many intend to head to the scenic red rocks of the Southwest, to the forests and coastline of the Pacific Northwest, to various bird hotspots in the Southeast, to the many spring wildflower sights across the country, to the lighthouses and lobstering towns in Maine, or even to more far-flung destinations around the world.