Like many folks, I am busy reflecting on the year gone by and making plans for 2012. One thing I like to do at this time is select my favorite photos. Over the next few posts I will share these favorites with you. These two images round out my top ten countdown.

Baltimore is a very photogenic city. Conditions were optimal when I created this image at twilight on a cold January evening. The light was dramatic, and the thin coat of ice on the river provided a stunning reflection. Shoot your favorite subjects in various light conditions, in all types of weather, and during each season of the year. This guarantees you will capture some remarkable images.

Baltimore's Best 2028Of course, the photo of my granddaughter at the 2011 Honfest is my #1 favorite image of the year. She is wearing an authentic Hon outfit. My wife made the little flower print housedress. The Hon hairdo consists of doll hair wrapped around small curlers sewn onto a hair net. To complete her ensemble, I bought her a pair of pink flamingo socks. You cannot see it, but her T-shirt reads Future Hon. We are already working on her outfit for Honfest 2012. If my daughter and son-in-law allow it, we will put together an Elvis costume for our grandson who is due the latter part of April. Believe it or not, this image illustrates a valuable pro photography tip … look for good background. I shot a number of images of my granddaughter out and about that morning at Honfest, but the surroundings were all busy. When I spied the leopard print sofa in one of the booths, I immediately recognized this was the perfect background (and got permission to pose her there).