Like many folks, I am busy reflecting on the year gone by and making plans for 2012. One thing I like to do at this time is select my favorite photos. Over the next few posts I will share these favorites with you. My top ten countdown continues with these images.

I have several photos of Eastern box turtles in my image collection. I created this shot at Soldiers Delight NEA this past spring. Everything coalesced to make this my all-time favorite Eastern turtle photo. Thanks to its excellent markings and color, this was a remarkable specimen. The light was superb. The lichen-covered tree trunk provided good environmental background. And, the little guy posed long enough for several quick shots. It is a thrill when the four elements (subject, light, background & conditions) of a good photo come together. Use your camera on a regular basis, so you will know instinctively what settings to use to capture such fleeting images as this eastern box turtle making its way through the woods.

Middleton Tavern

In years past, I took great pains to capture travel photos without any people in them. Fortunately, I realized it is people who add the dynamic to good travel images. This is one of the photos of Annapolis in my forthcoming book Photographing Baltimore, Annapolis and Maryland’s Eastern Shore. When you visit Annapolis, you see that it is tough to photograph the historic Middleton Tavern; primarily because of the close proximity of surrounding buildings. Using the plein air painter and his artwork as my subject, I created a unique photo of the historic Middleton Tavern. Whether you are visiting a nearby town or a city on a faraway continent, take full advantage of existing circumstances and local inhabitants to create interesting travel photos.