Drei auf einmal

Spiral nebula in the far reaches of deep space

Students and clients of mine learn one will develop and expand their photography skills by shooting locally.  Moreover, one will produce some of her/his best work in and around one’s hometown.  In addition to capturing and creating images near home, I also recommend my students have fun with their cameras.  Over the July 4th weekend I had the opportunity to follow my own advice … and I want to share the results with you.

The historic Dundalk community has the longest running July 4th parade in all of Maryland.  My favorite Baltimore Hons Charlene Osborne, Heidi Moore, and Rita Moore and John O’Melia of Bawlmer Craft Beers marched in the parade.  I marched the route (walking backwards I might add) and enjoyed capturing a number of images of my friends as well as of spectators along the parade route.  It was definitely on the warm side, but one always has fun when out with the Hons.

Galactic neon worms

Galactic neon worms

When it came time for the giant fireworks display in the Inner Harbor, the heat index was higher than during the Dundalk parade.  I was ready and willing to bear the high temperature, but the Inner Harbor was mobbed with onlookers this year.  I opted to photograph from the relative comfort of my rooftop terrace instead.  Since I have a number of photos showing fireworks bursting over the Baltimore cityscape, I decided to have fun and shoot something different this July 4th.  I used a telephoto lens so I could concentrate on filling the frame with the bursting fireworks.  I am quite pleased with the outcome.  Many images remind me of deep space photos one would see from the forward deck of the USS Enterprise (Spock lives) or of images captured by the Hubble Telescope.

I trust you see that it is a blast to photograph events in your hometown like I do here in Bawlmer, hon.