A string of family emergencies kept me busy for the past eight weeks: traveling to and from medical offices, visiting hospital patients, providing home health care, and keeping final vigil in a hospice center. My schedule precluded any photography and online activity, except for an occasional quick check of email. A day or two before I arrived back home, I developed a wicked sinus infection which knocked me out of commission for another week.

Sunday Baltimore held its annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, an event that always provides numerous fun photo opportunities. I filled my pockets with cough drops and paper handkerchiefs; took the last of my sinus medications; grabbed my camera gear; and made my way to the parade staging area. The weather was comfortably warm. The marching bands played rousing music. The floats were colorful. The young dancers capered about and performed high leaping kicks. The crowd of onlookers was in great spirits; and one spied many a wee leprechaun, alas not one with a pot of gold.

The fine-looking colleen you see here is the first image I captured after my eight week hiatus. She and her lucky charm were happy to stop for a moment and bring a smile to my heart.

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