Spring is in the air, and folks are busy flipping through photography and travel magazines, looking at images from lots of intriguing destinations, and planning their photo trips for the year. Many intend to head to the scenic red rocks of the Southwest, to the forests and coastline of the Pacific Northwest, to various bird hotspots in the Southeast, to the many spring wildflower sights across the country, to the lighthouses and lobstering towns in Maine, or even to more far-flung destinations around the world. 

A kink developed in my photo travel plans. Back-to-back respiratory ailments knocked me out of commission for the past six or so weeks. A much more pleasant event will keep me near the homefront for a few more weeks. Our second grandchild is due to make his arrival by the end of April. I will have proud grandfather stories in future posts.

If you are a photographer with your own reasons for staying close to home, I strongly recommend you not sit around the house wishing you and your camera were elsewhere. Grab your gear and take advantage of the photo opportunities your city and locality have to offer. Go to local parks, gardens, and arboretums for flower and nature photography. Take in a baseball game where you are sure to catch interesting shots … especially of the other fans. Visit a museum or a local history site. Look for a nearby architectural salvage warehouse where you can spend hours capturing images of intriguing old knick-knacks. Live in an urban setting? Go downtown. Find some good background and wait for someone interesting to walk into the scene. Shoot cityscapes and the skyline. Not quite sure where to go? Check online for upcoming events. The only limit to local photo ops is your imagination.

I strongly encourage you to get out and discover the photo gems your hometown has to offer. You will find that you will create some of your best images in your backyard. To show you that I practice what I preach, this blog entry contains several photos I shot opening day at Orioles Park in Camden Yards.