Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Delaware is a key stopover for birds migrating north and south along the Atlantic Flyway. Early December is an ideal time to visit, and photographers are likely to see tens of thousands of snow geese, Canada geese, and a variety of migratory waterfowl. It is a spellbinding experience watching the snow geese suddenly take flight. They seem to fill the sky, and the simultaneous flapping of all their wings has a curious Doppler effect. Be careful though, you may become so enthralled by this wonderful sight and sound show that you forget to photograph it. If so, do not fret, because you have an opportunity to capture images as they leave in the morning and return in the afternoon.

Last weekend at Bombay Hook NWR we photographed 20+ species; snow geese, bald eagles, Northern pintails, black-crowned night heron, snowy egret, tundra swans, green-winged teals, and ruddy ducks to name but a few. A couple of red foxes rounded out the list of available photogenic critters found along the 12 mile loop auto tour road and nature trails.

I strongly encourage landscape and outdoor photographers to visit Bombay Hook as well. Sunrise and sunset photo ops abound. Throughout the day there are excellent views of the salt marsh, creeks, and streams so you can add habitat images to your portfolio. You never know when a rainbow or sundog will appear. Fog, if you are fortunate to encounter it, will lend an ethereal feel to your landscape images. Below you see a selection of the critters and landscapes captured this weekend.

For full details about Bombay NWR, click here. And, for information about the photo weekends I conduct at Bombay Hook NWR, click here.