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Last month’s raptor photo shoot reached its maximum capacity, and a waiting list developed. To meet the demand for this exciting wildlife photography program, I have scheduled a second Birds of Prey Photo Safari for Saturday, April 27, 2013. Here is your chance to photograph various species of eagles, hawks, and owls in natural settings.


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Today I fully intended to finish my Christmas purchases and then wrap everything. I was in the car with my shopping list in hand when I had to stop for a passing train (I was so intent upon finishing my Santa shopping that I took the short cut to the mall. Well, it’s a short cut if there is no train). It was a long train, and after a minute or two I noticed there were a number of cool-looking graffiti pieces on the passing rail cars.


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On a recent Saturday I took part in a snake survey. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources uses survey information about reptile populations and distributions (as well as data about other fauna) to plan future programs and services. Survey participants took the opportunity to photograph the snakes we encountered … whatever species we discovered and wherever we found them.