Baltimore has received its fair share of snow this winter, and I ventured out with my camera gear during most snow storms. Most of the time, the existing conditions prevented capturing any good images. It was either too cold for comfort despite several layers of clothing. Wind kept blowing snow and ice pellets on the camera lens. The sidewalks and pathways were way too slippery despite the ice grippers attached to my boots. (I did not want to fall and break any ribs this winter … been there, done that!). The ice on the Inner Harbor waters was drab looking.

I feared I would get skunked this winter and not capture any new snow scenes. When it snowed this past weekend, I decided to give it one last try. Mother Nature and serendipity finally cooperated. I captured this couple walking along the west shore of the Inner Harbor. Let’s hope the colorful, sunny umbrella is a harbinger of spring.