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Last month’s raptor photo shoot reached its maximum capacity, and a waiting list developed. To meet the demand for this exciting wildlife photography program, I have scheduled a second Birds of Prey Photo Safari for Saturday, April 27, 2013. Here is your chance to photograph various species of eagles, hawks, and owls in natural settings.

Countdown of favorite images from 2011 – #4 and #3

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Like many folks, I am busy reflecting on the year gone by and making plans for 2012. One thing I like to do at this time is select my favorite photos. Over the next few posts I will share these favorites with you. My top ten countdown continues with these images. I have several photos of Eastern box turtles in my image collection. I created this shot at Soldiers Delight NEA this past spring. Everything coalesced to make this my all-time favorite Eastern turtle photo. Thanks to its excellent markings and color, this was a...

Sammy the Snake teachessss photography

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When my daughters were little I loved watching Sesame Street with them, and Sammy the Snake was one of my favorite characters (Did I type that out loud?  I meant their favorite, their favorite).   Sammy helped to teach the alphabet because he looked and sounded just like the letter S, oh yessssssss! Over a recent weekend I met a few snaky friends of Sammy’s and discovered Sammy is not the only snake with teaching skills.   When his friends saw my camera they slithered up and asked that I give you the following tips on how to...