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On a recent Saturday I took part in a snake survey. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources uses survey information about reptile populations and distributions (as well as data about other fauna) to plan future programs and services. Survey participants took the opportunity to photograph the snakes we encountered … whatever species we discovered and wherever we found them.

Sammy the Snake teachessss photography

by Photography: Nature, Tutorial

When my daughters were little I loved watching Sesame Street with them, and Sammy the Snake was one of my favorite characters (Did I type that out loud?  I meant their favorite, their favorite).   Sammy helped to teach the alphabet because he looked and sounded just like the letter S, oh yessssssss! Over a recent weekend I met a few snaky friends of Sammy’s and discovered Sammy is not the only snake with teaching skills.   When his friends saw my camera they slithered up and asked that I give you the following tips on how to...